Three comrades are arrested. ChatRoulette Alternative, omegle Alternative, webcam chat, chat Rooms. A church steeple and a building that resembled a castle came into view. During the funeral of Walter Rossi, comrades rebel against the atmosphere of official mourning in the presence of representatives of the city authorities, and at a point where one of the fascist lairs is situated, the funeral becomes a demonstration. 18 Bologna: Vice-president of confederation of industry finds his car burnt to the ground. 5 Turin: The union bureaucrat who has come to speak of the agreement reached at Mirafiori and Trentin is assailed with oranges and bolts. 26 Rome: Cars belonging to various Christian Democrats in the city burned. July 27 Ravenna: Requisition from a supermarket: fruit, clothing and gro ceries. 19 Milan: Formazione combattente break into Montedison offices, immobilise staff and damage electronic apparatus. It is opportunism that has forged its path among us, opportunism that finds cunning words to disguise itself, to smuggle its way in as a refined revolutionary tactic.

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27 Padova: Proletari comunisti organizzati claim 8 explosions: against the State housing department, the SIP telephone exchange, headquar ters of Alleanza insurance company, the town hall, university presi dents home, that of a SIP director, and the Christian Democrat vice deputy mayor. All the same, comrades come out into the streets and the morning is spent fighting off the police. 26 Bergamo: Violent clashes outside the Town Hall which is then devastated and burned. At that time revolutionary tenden cies manifested themselves in a period that was still one of expan sion, where capital still had areas in which to negotiate. April 22 Milan: A Red Brigades/NAP cell enter the offices of the regional pris on inspectorate and take away various papers. 13: Six young prisoners who were not due to be released until 1981, escape from borstal. June 30 Catania: Pistol shots against the carabinieri barracks, claimed by the NAP. Let us take heart. In Florence, students, employed and unemployed workers squat three disused hotels. 18 Palermo: Building constructors villa partly destroyed by dynamite. 14 Nocera Inferiore: Anna Maria, aged 29, goes into hospital to be treated, but dies, and nobody knows why. Isabelle tightened her shawl about her shoulders, her white cap fluttering in the wind. There is a project to enrol another 6,000 over the next three years. 10 Messina: A molotov is thrown against the Christian Democrat premises. She powdered her nose, though the powder clumped together like cotton tufts on her face.

claim powerful explo sion at a police station. It is precisely in these times that the sheep discard their wolves e time has come to put the chatter aside, and to fight. Nearly all the goods displayed are taken away. Whoever breaks proletarian unity, exploits and robs from the proletariat themselves, must the considered vile enemy and traitor: no solidarity in their divisions for subversive work among all the proletarians, for the destruction of capi talist society. 12 Venice: Following an armed robbery the police kill Silvano Maestrello, known for his many escapes. To this objection one could reply that the revolutionary move ment should not always limit itself to carrying out the popular will which often risks transforming itself into something intangible or of disputable interpretation. Many shop windows are smashed. 9 Viccini: A 21 year-old worker falls from scaffolding on the third floor of a building he is working on and dies instantly. 14 Rome: The judge involved in prison construction and under whose direction the special prisons were built, is brought to justice by the Red Brigades. 25 Lucca: Two workers are killed and five are injured when the ma chine they are testing explodes.

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A leaflet claiming these actions is signed young proletarians. Five armed people tie up those present and take away documents. Four are captured a few hours later. Will the emperor attend the ball? September 11 Rome: Brazilian airline company bombed. 1977 January 1 Piacenza: Revolt in the prison. Our rage, our revolu tionary will, must always be accompanied by lucid reasoning which allows us to conduct the struggle in the most consistent and effective way possible. May 8 Milan: The medical director of inam (medical insurance associa tion) is shot in the legs by Proletari armati per il comunismo. 29 Naples: 140 dockers who have been laid off for the past two months put lorries in front of the gates thereby blocking port activity. 26 Rome: Ronde femministe di quartiere bomb a baby-sitting agency, saying in a leaflet claiming the attack We will no longer accept the blackmail of sweat labour. September 27 Padova: Three people break into the premises of Mondo Libero, a fascist newspaper. Lowe poured her a glass of wine. We see our task as that of attempting to transform this mass illegalitarianism into a situation of generalised rebellion that the State would no longer be able to absorb into the dialectic claiming better conditions/reform/control. They are useless because the real confrontation renders them out of date and senseless; determining because they sweep away the last of the illusions and denounce barren attempts to recuperate.

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This is undoubtedly the best way to celebrate this 1st of May struggle. She had been of sick for a few months and had received a letter from the hospital management telling her of the probability of a suspen sion of work. We must demonstrate through action that individual revolt can and must transform itself into collective insurrection, the only one capable of really freeing us from oppression. We are not showing the fear that usually leads us to close in on ourselves because with the authoritarians, the marxists, there is noth ing that can be done. The British hats remained in place. 6 Cinciello: Organizzazione proletaria per il comunismo attack Comunione e liberazione spokesman. One of their main tasks, apart from carrying out actions characteristic of the secret services, is that of directly sur veying the special prisons. More grumbling people gathered near her.

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